Corporate Photography
(e.g. Products, Interior & Real Estate Photography)
Billed by the hour and per picture*
*Choose and pay only those pictures that meet your expectations
Photo Session
$60.- per hour (*1)
Outdoor Photo Shoot
$12.- per picture (*2)
Indoor Photo Shoots (professional lighting / HDR photography)
$15.- per picture (*2)
Set-up fee for large-sized lighting, if required
$40.- per session
(*1) first hour charged in full, following time billed by the quarter hour
(*2) includes basic photo retouching (if needed, masking/clipping can be done separately)
Image resolution ca. 2877 x 1920 pixels, suitable for 16x20" prints
(Up to 7360 x 4912 px can be provided. Price to be negotiated.)
All pictures will be provided in your private photo gallery.
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Make a non-binding request for a Corporate Photo Session
(minimum is 1 hour)

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