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Web Development

Development and Programming from scratch!

development process
Analysis of Needs &
Design preferences
design proposal
graphical refinement
site structure
final web site
customer-provided content
add-ons, photos
site theme
SEO-optimized framework

web development from scratch
Customized design and site functionality according to your needs or type of business.

An individual evaluation will lead to the first design proposal, followed by refinement and possible exchange of further ideas, and eventually result in the final site theme and page structure.

If you're looking for a selection of different site themes, however, and you'd like to pick your favorite one from an unlimited pool of templates, you're not totally in the wrong place, as Go Visible can help to set up a Content Management System like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, which provide tons of free templates on the Internet.

Script Programming

contact formProgram Scripts are created individually - based upon your needs - or can be adapted, if you provide the code. The main focus lies on the script languages PHP, PERL, JavaScript. Use of CSS keeps the layout easy to read for search engines.

Script examples are contact forms or other dynamic page features that provide interaction to the user.

Click here to check out a demo script (Order Form Demo)

Web Applications

Manage your customers, products, bookings etc. with a user-specific application.
A web store at the front end, managed from a back office area, or a member / customer section on your web site are examples for medium-scale e-commerce solutions.

Sometimes, however, just a small but convenient App helps to attract a few more visitors to your site. Check out a Debt Calculator Demo here


Offering everyday and needs-oriented support.
You need an introduction to your new Web Application Framework, your Content Management System, like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal etc., an image processing
program, or just answers to fundamentals you never dared to ask about?

Go Visible provides software and hardware training, guided by your actual daily requirements.

Server Administration

unix shell

Go Visible provides set-up, administation and maintenance services
for your Linux based dedicated server.

No graphic user interface is required ( no cPanel or Plesk ).

Preferred web server application is the Apache HTTP Server.

Site Hosting

dedicated server
If you decide to make use of the hosting service, your site will be stored on a real physical machine. No virtual server ( No VPS ) !

Resources are shared between very few customers only, not between hundreds, which is practiced in bulk hosting environments. This will significantly boost your site's performance.


Providing a wide range of professional photography and also various image processing techniques. Based on the subject and the customer's needs, either High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography or Studio Strobe Lights can be an option of choice, architectural shots will get a finishing touch (to straighten out converging lines, for example), masking can be applied for objects or people, in order to change the background or to use them on a flyer or brochure. > Watch Slideshow <

Sports & Events
Interior & Real Estate